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Women in Housing & Finance (WHF) is a premiere non-partisan, nonprofit forum for business and policy experts to share their views and insights. Since 1979, WHF has provided outstanding opportunities to learn about housing and financial services developments, network with other professionals in the field, and meet with regulators and other government officials. Click here to find out more about membership and benefits.

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WHF Announces 40 Under 40 Awards
WHF is excited to honor 40 professionals under 40 from the fields of housing and financial services as part of its 40th anniversary year. Selectees will be honored at WHF’s 40th anniversary celebration reception on June 11, 2019 at the National Museum of Women in the Arts.
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The Benefits of Membership

  • Career EnhancementWHF actively promotes the professional enrichment of its members while retaining a focus on the advancement of women in the fields of housing and financial services. 
  • Member Only BenefitsOnly members can attend the free “off-the-record” brown bag lunches and access the membership directory. WHF also invites members to share information about their career developments and will post it on the WHF website. 
  • WHF FoundationMembers have the opportunity to engage in WHF Foundation works, which focuses on promoting financial literacy. The Foundation commits volunteer and financial resources to help women and families in the Washington, DC metropolitan area through charitable and educational services. 
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If you participate in school activities, social club functions, or non-profit organization events, you will undoubtedly hear the question, “Any volunteers?”  And for a moment you consider raising your hand.  But you are so busy with day-to-day life, you cannot take on one more thing.  Or maybe you want to raise your hand, but you aren’t sure exactly how you could help. 

What if you had taken the plunge and volunteered your time to support a WHF Foundation partner?  You might have shared a personal story with Changepurse participants and prevented them from being a victim of a credit card scam or identity theft.  You might have also encouraged a working single mother to create a budget and repair her credit as part of the Financial Empowerment Retreat at Calvary Women’s Services.  You might have beautified a resident’s home at Open Arms Housing by planting flowers or celebrated Mother’s Day with women residents and their families by hosting a brunch at Bridges to Independence or women at Open Arms Housing.  Don’t underestimate the impact you can make by sharing your time.

Volunteering can also benefit you, as a WHF member.  Volunteering creates connections and expands your network with other passionate and committed members and non-profit professionals who you may not meet otherwise.  Volunteering may also provide members with opportunities to showcase or enhance existing workplace skills or try new activities in a supportive environment.  In essence, volunteering is good for you!

Interested in hearing more about volunteerism?  Join us on February 21, 2019 for a member Brown Bag Lunch on volunteerism with guests Susanne Slater of Habitat for Humanity of Washington D.C.; David Levine of Good Shepherd Housing & Family Services; and Jennifer Aguilar of the National Association of Federally-Insured Credit Unions and WHF volunteer. 

Interested in learning more about current WHF Foundation volunteer opportunities? We are seeking enthusiastic facilitators for our Changepurse series which is now being offered for residents at Calvary Women’s Services (DC) and clients at Good Shepherd Housing (VA).  For additional information about volunteering, please contact the WHF Foundation office at 703-683-4742 or at

You can also find information on specific WHF volunteer opportunities in our weekly member newsletter or via social media.  We are exploring ways to centralize information on volunteer activities and expressions of interest.